Accessibility & Site Help

We hope that you find our website simple to navigate and provides all the information you need about our insurance.

Full contact details are provided should you require help, or if you would prefer to purchase offline.

Applying Online

If you choose to buy online, please note that your application takes place in a secure browser session. As a security measure to protect your personal data, secure sessions are "time-limited". This means that if you do not complete your application within a certain time frame, your session will "time out" and you will need to re-apply. For this reason, we recommend that you read our cover details before you proceed to our application form.

We confirm that you have bought successfully via a confirmation screen at the end of the application process. This screen contains your insurance details, including a link to your policy schedule and the full policy wording. We also send you an email containing this information.

Please let us know if you need help in using our website, or buying insurance from us.

Adobe Acrobat .pdf Documents

Our Policy Wording is saved in Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF)

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