Benefits Table

It is important that you understand that Aviva Travel Insurance PMI Plus are different from our other travel insurance products.

You may only buy Aviva Travel Insurance PMI Plus if you have Private Medical Insurance covering Emergency Medical.

Aviva Travel Insurance PMI Plus is suitable for individuals, couples and families.

There are separate tables of benefit to clearly present the benefits of these covers:

Aviva Backpacker Travel Insurance

The following table shows a comparative summary of the main benefits provided.

Important Notes

  1. Cover is only available to Irish residents who are aged 45 or under on the day that they purchase cover.
  2. Premiums include a 5% Government levy and a €1 euro stamp duty.
  3. For each person insured an excess of €100 per section is deducted from each claim under sections marked with an asterisk *.
  4. The information below is a summary of cover. Full cover details are ONLY provided in the Policy Wording.

Key Benefit Key Exclusion Maximum Payable Excess
Pre-existing conditions or travelling against
the advice of a doctor
€2,000,000 €100
Curtailment or
a) Any medical condition for which you
or a member of your immediate family
have received treatment or advice form
a doctor in the 12 months prior to
applying for a policy

b)If you are aware of any reason at the
time of booking the holiday or
purchasing travel insurance that the
holiday may be cancelled
€2,000 €100
a)Max limit of any one item is €250 b)Items
that are left unattended (eg. on the beach
whilst swimming)
€1,000 €100
if death, loss or disability is Due To
disease or any physical defect, injury or
illness which existed before the Holiday
€15,000 Nil
Any criminal or wilful act €15,000 Nil
Travel Delay a) If the person insured has not
allowed sufficient time for the journey

b) If a missed departure caused by
strike or industrial action could have
been reasonably expected when the
journey was booked.
€100 Nil
Institution must be recognised as a
hospital in the country of treatment
€200 Nil
Money If the loss of theft of money is not
reported to the Policy within 24 hours of
€200 €100
Loss of
If the loss of theft of passport and/or
driving licence is not reported to the
Policy within 24 hours of discovery.

If the passport and/or driving licence is
stolen from an unattended vehicle
unless it was in a locked boot and there
is evidence of forced entry
€200 Nil
Hijack If you are in a country at war €500 Nil
Personal Liability Any person under your contract of service or
member of your family
€2,000,000 Nil
Mugging If the mugger or attacker is known to you €500 Nil
Search and
If you are in a country at war €5,000 Nil
Catastrophe Any disinclination to travel €500 €100
Not covered
Not covered