Benefits Table

It is important that you understand that Aviva Travel Insurance PMI Plus are different from our other travel insurance products.

You may only buy Aviva Travel Insurance PMI Plus if you have Private Medical Insurance covering Emergency Medical.

Aviva Travel Insurance PMI Plus is suitable for individuals, couples and families.

There are separate tables of benefit to clearly present the benefits of these covers:

Aviva Holiday Travel Insurance

The following table shows a comparative summary of the main benefits provided.

Important Notes

  1. Cover is only available to Irish residents.
  2. Premiums include a 5% Government levy and a €1 euro stamp duty.
  3. For each person insured an excess of €90 per section is deducted from each claim under sections marked with an asterisk *.
  4. The information below is a summary of cover. Full cover details are ONLY provided in the Policy Wording.

Cover Section Benefit Amount.
For each person insured we pay up to...
Standard Holiday Standard Holiday
Including optional Winter Sports
Chubb assistance Unlimited Covered Covered
& Curtailment*
€3,000 Covered Covered
Travel delay a) €20 after 12 hrs delay, €10 after next 12
hrs etc. (max. €100)
b) or €3000* if holiday abandoned after 24
hrs delay (outward)
Covered Covered
Missed departure* €500 Covered Covered
Personal accident €30,000 Covered Covered
€5,000,000 Covered Covered
Hospital benefit €20 for each 24 hours (max €400) Covered Covered
Personal property* €1,500 (Limit for any one item - €250; limit
for set of golf clubs - €250; total payable for
all Valuables - €250.)
Covered Covered
Money* €500 Covered Covered
Lost passport/driving
€250 Covered Covered
Hijack €50 for each 24 hours (max €500) Covered Covered
Personal liability €2,000,000 Covered Covered
Legal advice/expenses €20,000 Covered Covered
Winter sports (optional) ski hire - €20 per day
Lack of snow - €20 per day
Unused ski pass - €75 per week
Avalanche cover - €100
Not Covered Covered